Sunday, October 26, 2014


Greetings!!! Today has been a rather quiet & relaxed day with nothing drastic to report. After a couple short PICU visits, Haley Jean is home, happy & well. It was a glorious 75 degrees out & we enjoyed as much of the warm sun as we could stand. We picked out a pumpkin, carved it out & relaxed with a fun Halloween oldie but goodie The Witches. It was a great day, a relief of being able to be free of illness, medicines & the scent of the PICU. Although we've made some progress the past month was a tough one. Haley Jean became dehydrated again & septic. She had increased work of breathing & therefore had to intubated. Aggressive antibiotics, fluids & two weeks on a vent made for sleepless nights & emotional strain on my body. I'm more than thrilled to announce that she's made a full recovery & is back to her bubbly infectiously happy self!!

Now that she's back home my life has again taken off full throttle. Caring for her never stops, there's always something to do. Whether it's packing her up,( trilogy vent and all) for docs visit or staying in, the day never stops. Now that I"m getting older it's important to stay as active as possible. I can say that I"m pretty healthy for a 33yr old with OI however lately I've been feeling the brunt of a day on my tiny frame. Taking it easy is hard becasue I can be a control-freak. It's difficult allowing others to take over because I'm so used to being active. It's a pleasure & a privilege to be her mother. I refuse to have it any other way. WEll I'll end it here for now. I'm exhausted & have to be up to administer meds in one hour so I'm gonna take a quick nap...LOL..I'll be in touch, stay tuned...By the way, check out my link below ..;)