Sunday, May 1, 2016

Giving is Joyful...

Greetings everyone!!! I'm very excited about my bracelet gifting project. So far I've created & gifted 18 bracelets!!! The feeling of blessing others is so rewarding... I'm feeling a sense of purpose again, sharing my Haley Jean's unconditional love & beautiful spirit with others makes my heart sing. I haven't felt this optimistic in a long time. Beading has served as a hobby of mine for nearly 10 years now. In fact I guess you can say I created my first #BraceletsForBravery for my mother, not knowing back then my gift to her set the path that I'm on this very moment. I made my mom's bracelet as a get well soon  present...To lift her spirits. My mother, Imogene was diagnosed with Cholangiocarcinoma in July of 2011 & transitioned two months later.  Although she was incoherent by the time I finished, I gave it to her anyway. I even made her necklace & bracelet......That she is wearing match the dress my sister made for her....That she is wearing now. I could go on for hours about the compassion my mother embodied, her diligence & innocence that radiated from her presence...As you know, that's where Haley Jean's name derived from....:)

So I wanted  to share a couple things with my readers in this entry so pardon me if it seems like a lot.....As I've mentioned before this project has provided me a great sense of purpose. The feeling isn't manufactured or scripted in such a way. It isn't tailored to fit a specific emotion or to purposely fill a void. It's as simple as providing acknowledgement of the struggle, giving back & being kind to others I empathize with. I get messages or posts from those who have received a bracelet, they're excited, grateful & determined more than before to continue the fight & that's all I want to accomplish. The pleasure is all mine, more than they'll ever come to know. Well I hope I didn't bore anyone to tears!! Finding solace in giving back is therapeutic & emotionally worthwhile. I do this out of pocket when I can & I've received donations towards more beads & supplies for other recipients. The generosity of people reaching out, wanting to give...wanting to be a part of this project & how they yearn to know more about Haley Jean  means so much to me. May the Peace of the Lord comfort you all & as always be kind & stay encouraged.....:) 

Just to name a few :)

By the way...;)

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